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What’s The Best Gaming Mouse Pad?

Have you ever considered if you’re using the best gaming mouse pad for your mouse? So have you gone out and bought the best gaming mouse, only to use it on the surface of your desk or the back of an old magazine? I know I did for quite some time, but there is a better way. Buying the best gaming mouse pad you can afford can work wonders for your mouse, increasing its sensitivity and response as well as prolonging the life of it’s feet (you know, the slippery bits on the bottom of the mouse that make contact with the desk). Here is my pick of the bunch if you’re looking for a good gaming mouse pad from the many pads on offer at the moment. Nova Killer Plastic surface | 320mm x 320mm x 3mm | £20 The Killer is the largest gaming mouse pad offered by Nova, and is available in grey/orange or grey/silver. The surface of the pad has a gritty texture, not unlike sandpaper, in which is embedded thousands of tiny micro-mirrors (so they say). This allows the surface to reflect more of the infrared/laser signal back to the mouse, increasing sensitivity as a result. It is also claimed to clean the trackball of a non-optical mouse as it moves over the surface. The base of the pad is covered in a spongey...

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Logitech G9 vs. Razer Lachesis

The one-upmanship between Razer and Logitech continues, each of them announcing their latest contenders for the title of best gaming mouse. First off the blocks was the Logitech G9, boasting a 3,200dpi sensor, and then almost straight after we hear the announcement of the next uber-mouse, the Razer Lachesis, which has a 4,000dpi sensor. Razer Lachesis – check out prices at Amazon or Amazon Do we really need such a high level of sensitivity in our chosen weapon? Probably not, but it makes for good attention-grabbing headlines so I’m sure we’ll be getting even higher dpi before long. Both mice have on-the-fly adjustability, so if you’re finding things a bit too twitchy you can always scale down the settings during gameplay. Logitech G9 – check out prices at Amazon or Amazon If it’s buttons you want then the Razer Lachesis has 9, with 5 custom profiles that can be switched at will. The Logitech G9 has 7 buttons in total, plus two buttons for altering the dpi. The G9 offers greater customisation with 2 interchangeable shells, one for those who grip with the palm of the hand, and one for those with a fingertip hold. The adjustable weight system is carried forward from the G5, with the weight cartridge slotting into the back of the mouse. And another nice touch is that you can customise the colour of the...

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Razer Krait Review

What you’re looking at here is the Razer Krait, the mouse that sits at the bottom end of Razer’s range. But is it cheap and nasty, or does it stand as a good entry-level gaming mouse? There’s only one way to find out. What Do You Get With The Razer Krait? Starting with the box you get a good feeling about the quality of the mouse. The box is nicely designed, being matt black with a big picture of the Krait on the front. The box claims that the Krait is ‘optimized for real time strategy / MMOG gamers’, a claim I’ll be putting to the test later. The back of the box gives a spec list for the Krait in a variety of languages. On the front of the box is a flap which, when opened, allows you to see the Krait inside, but just sitting there in the box it doesn’t look too special. Open the box and you’ll find the Krait mouse (duh!), a manual with driver CD, some sort of collector’s card (featuring a picture of the Krait and little else) and a quick start manual. What’s Special About The Razer Krait? Let’s take a look at the features list, straight from the box: Up to 1200 actions per minute 1600 dpi optical sensor powered by Razer Precision 3 programmable ultra-large non-slip buttons with Hyperesponse...

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