Alienware have announced their latest gaming laptop, the M17 Notebook.

If you’re a gamer then I’m sure you’ll be familiar with Alienware and their uniquely styled machines, and the M17 carries on the tradition. It comes with a matt black case that features Alienware’s signature Skullcap design, and is finished in a soft-touch surface that is resistant to fingerprints.

The full-sized keyboard features backlighting in a choice of red, blue or green. Below the keyboard is a biometric fingerprint reader that improves security if you want to hide your private files.

As far as hardware is concerned the M17 is right up there with the best. Processing power comes from an Intel Core 2 Quad, while graphics are delivered by ATI CrossFireX with a pair of HD 3870 GPUs. That should be more than capable of powering the latest games at full resolution on the M17’s 1920×1200 17-inch screen.

The M17 can be ordered with a pair of 500GB hard drives that can be configured for either RAID 0 or RAID 1. With up to a terabyte of data storage to hand you’ll have tons of space for your games, movies, pr0n and music.

The price for this high-spec luxury? Well, if you pick the goodies mentioned above you are looking at almost $4,000, and if you pick all of the available options you could get to over $4,500. If you have more sense than money you’ll be more interested in the base-spec M17, which gives you the following:

  • A single 512MB ATI HD 3870 graphics card
  • Intel Core 2 P8400 processor
  • 17-inch 1440×900 WXGA LCD screen
  • 2GB Dual-Channel DDR SO-DIMM at1066MHz
  • 160GB Hard Drive

All this can be had for a far more reasonable $1,399. Why not pop onto the M17 configurator and spec up your own dream machine?