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A quick word about me. I’m a thirty-something computer user who’s grown up alongside the gaming industry. I started off gaming on the BBC Micro B, a chunky beige unit with a whopping 32k of memory. This was the computer that started me gaming, and the first game to really capture my imgination was Elite. While the graphics were simple wireframes the gameplay was fantastic, and trading up the equipment on your shape was a hug incentive to keep on playing.

From the BBC I upgraded to a ZX Spectrum +2 with 128kb, and with 4x the memory the difference in gaming capabilities was huge. This lasted me a few years until I moved on to an Amiga 500, a much more sophisticated computer with 512KB of memory and excellent sound capabilities. The Amiga lasted a few more years until I moved to university, at which point I upgraded to my first PC. From then on I’ve been a PC gamer and have stuck with the platform through countless hardware upgrades.

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